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When HMRC come calling...will you be ready? 
I recently sat with a VAT inspector for a very long three hours while they delved into one of our clients VAT returns. Quite a complex set of calculations involving imports and exports to the EC and rest of the world. 
Although slightly unnerving I was confident, after numerous checks in advance, that we had done everything correctly. 
Every question I was asked I was able to answer. Every document that was requested I was able to put my hands on either from a folder or our online files. 
I'm thrilled (as was our client) that at the end of the visit the submitted refund was approved and the money was in my client's account within 5 days. 
If the same thing happened to you, with very little notice, would you be in a position to provide the information in an instant? 
Never UNDERESTIMATE the value of a professional bookkeeping team behind you. 
We use the www.xero.com online accounting software with our clients. We love using it because it provides exactly the flexibility our clients are seeking in this ever moving world. If you'd like a FREE no obligation demonstration just give me a call on 01553 650182